One Data Platform to Rule Them All — Introducing Workbench by Fynd

December 11, 2018

Today we are releasing the public beta of Workbench — our home-grown tool to help every organization of any size in the world to make better and faster decisions using data. At Fynd, data plays a central role on how we understand our users at scale and we want to share this with everyone. The product is in public beta and is free for use for any scale. Go ahead, give it a spin and tell us how we can build better ✌️

What is Workbench?

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Workbench is a suite of products designed from the grounds up for the data community. A place to build, share and manage Data and ML projects at any scale. We’re here to democratize data.

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Each of these products is build to solve problems at Fynd. The aim with these products is to empower business users to work effortlessly with data.This also allowed our engineers to work on tougher problems of “writing code that writes codes.”

InstAPI: Developer-less APIs

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InstAPI helps connect, explore and query any data source. It enables data analysts and business users to create and share queries as API. Hence, users can automate their workflow with an inbuilt scheduler and third-party integrations. It is our take on liberating the data within the organization to the business users and analysts.

One of our project goals is to help build self-serve data platform to improve data accessibility, discovery, sharing and automation. We, therefore, embraced a product mindset from the start to ensure a thoughtful UI and UX, and ultimately build a delightful data product to achieve this goal.

Refer documentation to get started with InstAPI and if you have any queries or concerns, post in our forum — we are all ears.

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