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New Features Available in GlamAR

January 19, 2021 |
What's New

Try-on solution

Offers a virtual catalogue of the brand’s products to the customers

GlamAR Website

Lipstick Feature

Available in different options like glossy, matte, velvet, metallic, and shimmer finish. Providing different options for the customers to select from.

Eyeliner Feature

Available in winged, cat-eye, and more. Giving an array of features for the customer's virtual eye makeup.

Eyeshadow Option

Hyper-realistic and stunning eyeshadow looks. Making effortless selection of the best eyeshadow by the shoppers.

Blush Try-on

Available in different shades. Providing options for the customers.

GlamAR App


Available in different hues.


Available in different patterns.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SDK facilitates the creation of application


Enables live try-on for the brand website.

Android SDK

Enables live try-on for the Android Mobile App.

Admin Panel

Allows the brands to do what they need to make their business grow

Manage products

The user can add, delete, or edit the default products as per their suitability.

Configure Domain/Package Name

The user can configure the domains and android packages to restrict the access of the products from an API Key.

Preview Feature

While configuring the module, the user needs to select the models using the toggle buttons. One can preview the theme to see how the product would appear on the screen

Payment Options

The payment for the paid subscription plans are accepted in credit/debit cards. Promoting digital payments with utmost security.

Manage subscriptions

The user can move to any paid plan from the Free Starter plan whenever needed. Also, the user can cancel the subscription if he or she wants to go back to the Free Plan.

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