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Latest Updates for Omnichannel

January 19, 2021 |
What's New

Fynd Platform Mobile App

Manage your online business by installing Fynd Platform App on your Android device.

Manage website and point-of-sale (POS)

Choose from a list of attractive themes and apply to your website. Add navigations to make it easier for your customers to browse your website. You also get a built-in mobile POS for your physical stores.

Add product catalogue and inventory

Create and manage products and its inventory. Develop size guide for your products to assist your customers before purchasing.

Sell on prominent marketplaces

Sell your products on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, AJIO, Facebook, Google, and many more.

Tools for marketing and communication

  • Attract customers using discount coupons and reward points
  • Create handpicked collection of products
  • Send communication campaigns to your audience
  • Broadcast announcements on your website
  • Send email and SMS to your customers

Supports Analytics integration

Understand customer's behaviour using analytics platform; such as Firebase, GTM, MoEngage and Segment.

Order Management System

Get a full-fledged OMS for managing orders.

  • Monitor, process and track all orders and returns
  • Check order information: Shipping ID, Order ID, Customer Info, Store Info, Sales channel, Shipment and Bag Details

Virtual Assistance

Deliver a virtual shopping experience and assist your customers by placing a video/phone call

Video assistance

You can demonstrate your products to the customers over a video call without having them visit your store. Moreover, you can address any of their concerns on a video call.

Telephonic assistance

Your authorized staff can deliver fast response to your customers by providing support over a phone call. It eliminates the hassle of unofficially placing calls from unknown numbers.

Point-of-Sale (POS)

Manage your online business by installing Fynd Platform App on your Android device.

Built-in catalogue and inventory

In comparison with existing POS systems, you can visually display all your products and its inventory in Fynd POS.

Faster and multiple checkouts

Fynd POS allows for multiple checkouts. Customers can checkout their products in a few seconds without waiting in any queue.

Choose home delivery or direct pickup

POS allows the customers to pick up the products themselves or opt for home delivery. This saves a lot of time and efforts, both for your staff and your customers.

Built-in bar code scanner

Avoid unnecessary typing. POS app has a built-in scanner that uses the device's camera to scan the bar code of your product.

Theme Editor with Live Preview

Customize the appearance of your website and mobile app by using Theme Editor.

Modify the sections of your website

You can improve the elegance of your website and enhance its appeal among your users. Moreover, you can configure the sections and view the changes in real-time.

Choose how to display your listing

Depending on your preference, you can show a grid-view or horizontal listing of brands, categories and collections.

Add multimedia assets to your website

You can use your own artwork and banners on your website without any coding. Easily upload multimedia files such as images, videos, carousel, slide shows to your website.

Edit website content

Set the font type, font colour and background colour of your website. You can also customize the header and footer of your website.

Product Enhancements

Modify your products and operate independently without any external intervention.

Activate or deactivate a product

You can independently deactivate or reactivate a product, as and when required. Consequently, the product would either show on your sales channel or remain hidden.

Modify an existing product

Use the Partial Update feature for adding new images to your existing product, changing its attributes, adding new size and much more.

Schedule the product release date

You can make a product LIVE on a specific date and time. This is especially useful if you wish to release your product on special occasions or festivities.

Create custom size guide

Create a size guide to assist your customers in judging the product dimensions before purchasing it. This will reduce the probability of returns due to product incompatibility.

Specify manufacturing time of product

You can add the manufacturing time that it takes to create a product and deliver. Accordingly, the estimated delivery time will be shown to your customers.

Payment Solutions

Supports all major payment solutions for your website and mobile app.

Add Payment Gateways

You can integrate any of the following payment gateways for supporting card payments, netbanking, wallets and UPI on your website

  • Razorpay
  • Juspay
  • Stripe
  • PayUmoney

Avail Credit Lines

Now, individuals and SMEs can use credit lines from Rupifi and Simpl which facilitate a Buy Now, Pay Later method. This ensures that potential buyers do not back off due to cash crunch.

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