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Introducing Amazon SmartConnect: Discover Effortless Selling with Fynd

The COVID pandemic has accelerated the process of digital adoption to the extent that customers now prefer buying most of their essentials and non-essentials online. In response to the change in customer behaviour, brands are now ensuring that their products are available to online customers on multiple online channels. This does not mean that physical stores are no longer integral to the brand strategy. In fact, these multiple online channels are now powered directly through the brand’s physical stores.

Fynd powers 100+ brands to achieve their potential in this space allowing them to manage their omnichannel retail from a single platform. With Fynd, brands can now sell on multiple channels including their own Brand Website, Fynd Store (in-store solution), Uniket (B2B marketplace) and 3P marketplaces including Flipkart Assured, Myntra, Tata CLiQ, AJIO, Fynd and now Amazon SmartConnect. Our retail solutions allow brands to sell their products to the large customer base of these marketplaces.

The Amazon SmartConnect integration helps brands sell to more than 125+Million users of Amazon.in

The Amazon SmartConnect integration is available to our Fynd Partner Brands. By July-end, we are looking at launching around 30 brands using Amazon SmartConnect integration!

Start Selling on Amazon today

With the Amazon SmartConnect integration, the entire process of going live on Amazon has been simplified. Brands can add unlimited products from multi-locations. Any change in inventory or price automatically syncs to Amazon!
The integration reduces the brand’s time and effort and helps them make products live for the loyal visitors of Amazon in the shortest time possible.

Benefits of Selling on Amazon with Fynd
  • Amazon Prime badge from Day 1
  • Automatic price and inventory sync to all the channels
  • Single-store OMS (Order Management System) for all the channels
  • 24 hours Store Support from Fynd
  • Training on best case practices for brands

In other words, greater reach and increased revenue!

How can Partner Brands Integrate with Amazon?

Our brands can start selling on Amazon marketplace by following the below steps:

  1. Add Amazon SmartConnect as a new sales channel on Fynd Platform
Add AmazonSmartConnect on Fynd

2. Login with Amazon Seller account credentials.

3. Add the account details provided from Amazon on the platform.

Amazon SmartConnect Integration

The inventory and price data will start syncing automatically.

Get More Sales with Fynd

Omnichannel is undeniably growing and is the most effective strategy for reaching customers. Customers are buying online and expect your products to be available wherever they prefer to shop. However, selling on multiple channels can be complex and often ends up being a roadblock to brands. Our solutions allow brands to quickly set up their omnichannel retail business and manage all of them from a single platform. We’ll continue to bring in more solutions to help our brands grow even more.

Fynd Omnichannel Solutions

Not a Fynd Partner Brand yet? Request a demo here. Have other questions? Reach out to us at brands@gofynd.com or leave us a comment below.

This article was previously published on our Building Fynd blog.

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