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Why your brand needs a Growth Manager to scale up omnichannel marketplaces business

Managing growth for your brand can be overwhelming and daunting. With Fynd, you don’t have to do it alone. It is not just for the benefit of our SaaS product suite that brands sign up with Fynd, its the benefit of having a Growth Manager that completes the package for them.

While designing our omnichannel SaaS product we carefully integrate solutions to solve the potential challenges in your omnichannel commerce journey. But each journey is unique with it’s own peculiar challenges along the way. And we love to take on the most difficult challenges and solve them for you.

As our comprehensive offering, our brands enjoy having a Growth Manager at their side who not just hears your painpoints and solves them, but also supports the growth of your brand with constant insights. Customized solutions, periodic checks, and intensive cross-communication helps the brands in identifying granular growth opportunities and improving their performance.

What exactly do they do? How is your brand going to be impacted? Have a closer look:

Who are these angels?

We can be your solution-providers, guides, mediators, whistle blowers, and coordinators. We lend our ears to hear you out, and become your helping hands when the going gets tough. Some brands fondly call us Rockstars and some call us Saviors. We are yours truly, the Growth Managers.

Meet us:

Kunal Kumar

Growth Manager for: Fila, Proline, Vans, Raymonds, Pepe Jeans, Regal Shoes, Red Chief, Sport Station, Lotto, Macho. I also head growth for brands across all marketplaces
Describes himself as: A regular guy with 24x7 smiling face. I try to enjoy everything I do to keep myself motivated in my daily routine. In my free time, I either travel or I play football, cricket, poker and PlayStation.
Passionate about: Football, and a huge CR7 fan.
Biggest learning as a Growth Manager for the brands: In my 2 years with Fynd, I have learned a lot about the omni business model, types of integrations, operations, growth, loopholes, and so on. One insider tip for all readers: Cataloging/Listing is the biggest key to boom your ecommerce business, followed by marketing and ads to bring traffic. 95%+ Catalog vs Inventory coverage is a must. Content on the PDP page like title or description, having the right keywords for SEO, and content to help customers relate more with your products or brand, product ratings, seller ratings, etc. will attract customers and assist in customer acquisition and retention.

Mayur Suresh Thanekar

Growth Manager for: ALDO, Spykar, Clarks, Aeropostale, Octave, Neeru's, Ethnicity, Mettle & Just Watches
Describes himself as: I'm an ambivert, and my greatest strength is perseverance. I have 2 mantras I swear by:
“Take it easy when you are busy! It shall never be easy but, take it easy!”
"Chalte Rehneka Chamakte Rehneka!" (Keep Moving, Keep Shining!)
Passionate about: Opening an authentic Maharashtrian cuisine restaurant.
Biggest learning as a Growth Manager for the brands:
An omnichannel strategy is about a consistent and seamless experience for customers from platform to platform, allowing you to lift sales dramatically. To create an omnichannel experience is a slow process. Kickstart with a website and social media platforms, and nail those down before moving onto other channels. Whenever you onboard on any new platform, do it for purpose of solving for the customer at every step of the way.

Shreya Seerehalli

Growth Manager for: AND & Global Desi, W & Aurelia, Globus, Ruosh, Jade Blue
Describes herself as: “An ambivert, who loves travelling & exploring as well as enjoying Netflix. My idea of a holiday is going on a bike ride to someplace where the WiFi is weak.  Adapting to change & learning is my strength.”
Passionate about: Creativity transformed into a product
Biggest learning as a Growth Manager for the brands:
Exposing maximum inventory & touch points across multiple channels, definitely are the key elements in scaling up omnichannel business. It's also important to understand how various digital platforms complement each other to give a more cohesive and holistic approach and it is much more than just mixing and matching platforms. Having a solid knowledge of the platforms where their audience interacts with the most as well as relatability will be more effective.

Rahul Singh

Growth Manager for: Aeropostale, Goodbye Gravity, Ruosh, V8, Canstol, Kottail
Describes himself as: I am ambitious and driven. I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive towards. I'm not comfortable with settling, and I'm always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness.
Passionate about: Travelling and E- gaming
Biggest learning as a Growth Manager for the brands: My biggest learning is that when brands share all of their offline as well as online inventory without being skeptical about the profit or loss, it tremendously improves the visibility of the brand around all the marketplaces. This not only makes sales go higher, but acts as a very good marketing strategy due to increased visibility across online channels.

Siddhant Singh

Growth Manager for: Celio, Voi Jeans, Rookies USA, Status Quo
Describes himself as: I’d describe myself as being very resourceful, honest and ambitious at the same time
Passionate about: Playing and following sports, especially football, cricket, table tennis, Formula 1 and hiking
Biggest learning as a Growth Manager for the brands:
Brands who can track their customers over different channels can serve their consumers better with a more personalized experience. Start with basic brand website and selected marketplaces.Brands don’t need to be everywhere all at once. Need to nail those down before moving onto other platforms.

Bhumika Bansal

Growth Manager for: Woodland, Ayaany, Suumaya, Red Chief. I also co-ordinate with marketplaces like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Tata CLiQ for the on-boarding pipeline
Describes herself as: I love travelling (at least 3 trips a year required to survive :P) and meeting new people. My mantra for life is to "Never give up" and "Never stop learning".
Passionate about: Retiring at the age of 29 and starting a small cafe in mountains.
Biggest learning as a Growth Manager for the brands: Generally brands are skeptical when asked to go out loud online, this happens because they want to sell only a part of their inventory online but in reality, the sales on marketplaces is directly related with the amount of inventory and number of styles live. The more, the better.

Do you have a Growth Manager helping you with your customized journey of omnichannel business? If not, Fynd one here. Leverage the benefits of having the expertise of our Growth Managers constantly by your side, driving growth, sales and customer base expansion.

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