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The Fynd Story

January 19, 2021 |
Team Spotlight

Harsh, Farooq and Sreeraman came together to launch Shopsense way back in December 2012. Fynd, as we know it today, would be born almost 3 years later, but the foundations were already developing in 2012. The retail sector at that time was experimenting with offline and online avenues. The offline retailers were looking to go online, and online retailers wanted to launch more stores. Our team came up with a product, that would combine these two worlds. They called it Shopsense Match!

Shopsense Match was an in-store engagement platform to bring online shopping features to the in-store shopping experience. Since this was a digital catalogue, we installed huge capacitive touchscreens in stores, and customers could search for products, or discover new ones and share their favourites with friends through social networking or emails. It was incredibly useful for retailers as customers could view what they liked on the screen instead of manually browsing through store sections. It not only helped in showcasing similar products but also led to the discovery of complementary products.

We supplied the hardware, software and catalogue creation services to the clients. There was a one-time charge for the hardware but we charged the brands for our software and catalogue services every month. By 2014, we were already active in 12 Being Human stores (soon-to-be 50), and working with huge brands like Lee, Satya Paul, Anita Dongre, Flying Machine, Arrow, US Polo Association and more. In March 2014, we piloted our product at Giordano stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Interestingly, a sex toy store showed us some interest, which we politely declined. But it gave us a glimpse of the possibilities for different verticals!

Things were going well for Shopsense Match. We were taking on clients and building a name for ourselves, but we were not making enough revenue. Getting payments on time was hard, and since we were sourcing our touchscreens from abroad, we would run into quality issues. Sorting these issues would require more time and resources. All in all, our concept was great but we were not making enough to increase the pace of our development.

In Jan 2016, we launched Fynd, a store-driven ecommerce website in India. But we did not abandon Shopsense Match entirely. In December 2016, we launched Fynd Store to make omnichannel retail effortless. If you haven't guessed already, Fynd Store is an enhanced version of Shopsense Match. We took our experience, and of course the relationship we had built with brands to bring them Fynd Store. Fynd Store today is active in 1500+ Stores across 18k+ pin codes.

Fynd is home to engineers, designers, product makers, and more. It’s our people who make us special. Join us!

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