Fynd Announces GlamAR Update Offering More Control to Beauty Brands

January 6, 2021

Reliance-backed eCommerce platform Fynd expands its AR-Based Solution GlamAR with new attractive features to enable seamless integration by the beauty brands.

Last year in June, Fynd announced the launch of one of its flagship products - GlamAR, to change the way customers shop makeup products. The try-on solution helps brands create one of the finest virtual shopping experiences by engaging the element of ‘try-before-you-buy’ on their shopping website or mobile app. With the new update, beauty brands can look forward to some exciting self-serve features which enhance usability, and deliver a complete developer-friendly solution.

In this release, GlamAR introduces the Admin Panel to give brands greater control over their brand experience and enable customizations to their virtual product catalogues. The brands can view real-time feedback while customizing the shade and tweak it to the exact colour of the makeup for a real product experience.

In addition to the Admin Panel, the solution’s web version comes with a Free Starter Plan and is FREE FOREVER for a registered user. A brand can take advantage of this plan by setting up an online try-on solution for ten products on their website. They can later choose to add more products by switching to another paid plan. The Free Starter Plan helps brands try GlamAR at once without worrying about payments, and then invest when they are ready to enable virtual try-on for more products. The ready-to-use integration code and self-explanatory developer documents allow the brands to set up the entire code for their app or website in just a few minutes.

These new features enable beauty brands to expand their product catalogue and grow traffic with quick and easy integration.

“We announced GlamAR last year during the pandemic, and since then we have had brands coming to us requesting features and sharing useful insights about our solution. These are challenging times, and brands are looking to provide beauty customers with a safe shopping experience that matches their in-store experience. With our new updates, GlamAR provides a self-serve platform to beauty brands, offering them more control, simple integration, and an opportunity to connect with customers everywhere," said Farooq Adam, Fynd Co-Founder.

About Fynd:

Founded by Farooq Adam, Harsh Shah, and Sreeraman MG, Fynd is India’s biggest omnichannel platform helping retail businesses accelerate growth. The O2O company directly sources products across various categories, from the most prominent brands in the country. Its integrated system allows for the speedy delivery and a complete assurance of product quality. Fynd has built a suite of products that helps brands facilitate their omnichannel business.

Fynd has over 250 employees and is based out of Mumbai.

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