Fynd Now debuts in India for AI powered visual shopping

December 24, 2019

In an age where hassle-free online shopping has made latest fashion so accessible, fashion-based ecommerce platform Fynd has come up with a Chrome extension that will thrill inspiration-driven shoppers. Fashion inspirations can come from anywhere on the Internet, and with Fynd Now consumers have the power to shop that look and discover greater product choices than ever before. Once shoppers download the Fynd Now extension, they can click the Fynd Now button or crop an item they desire—from anything visual on web and discover it on Fynd. Fynd Now provides a frictionless ecommerce experience that allows users to incorporate purchasing seamlessly into regular life. Using Artificial Intelligence, the feature identifies the products in images or videos, and recommends the same or similar products from the Fynd catalog. It also gives users the relevant product information and the link to buy, thus easing the barriers to purchase.

Fynd Now was envisioned by the ML Research team at Fynd, when researching the product discovery possibilities in the ecommerce market. Most marketplaces enable users to upload images and find similar products online. But with the launch of Fynd Now, an ecommerce platform has for the first time come up with an AI powered search solution that gives consumers the freedom to take inspiration from any visual content online, and discover products to buy exactly what suits their taste and budget. Instead of vague keyword searches to find an item or spending time searching through countless catalogs, Fynd Now with just a click finds the same or a very similar match. For our partner brands, Fynd Now is a novel platform that opens up more opportunities to showcase their products and engage buyers.

Fynd Co-founder, Farooq Adam, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch commenting, “At Fynd our purpose is to create an enduring shopping experience for anyone, anywhere. Fynd Now is a manifestation of our purpose. It is an AI powered visual search technology that helps consumers seamlessly complete their purchase journey—from product discovery to product purchase.”

Fynd Now is available to download as an extension from the Chrome Web Store. In the coming months, we plan to integrate Fynd Now with a premium streaming service provider in India, and transform the simple action of pausing a video into an enjoyable shopping experience.

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